Fairy Tale Tuesday: Jack And The Beanstalk


*Folklore, poetry & fiction writer

Everyone loves a great fairy tale especially if it includes a trickster such as Jack, a Giant and magical beans. Jack And The Beanstalk is a childhood favourite of mine. I remember as a wee girl when I first heard this tale read to me, my eyes were big and round like the full moon. Giants always fascinated me same goes for dinosaurs. Beans, well not only being a healthy whole food they are fun to watch grow even more when they soar into the clouds. 🙂

Joseph Jacobs 1854-1916was an Australian author and publisher. He collected and wrote Jack And The Beanstalk from original oral folk tales. This particular tale was told to him in 1860. He wrote other collections of English, Indian, European and Celtic fairy tales. It seems this adventurous tale appeared earlier in The Story of Jack Spriggins and the Enchanted Bean” in 1734 as…

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