Tune me to the end of Love 🙏👍🙏💖



she is blithe in Fantasia now
not a care in the world
be it of forged legend
or of unfeigned history
the word of the vanquished
is legitimate evidence
of a reflection of what once was

essential the open door
heralding impossible freedom
turning the door handle
she found it locked
foul words and a temper
tears and tantrum

only I knew where
the key was stored
not that I cared back then
I had the resolve to
kick the door in regardless
before the Jackboot had
hankered for the self-same thing
albeit with pernicious bent

as for her
she held a benevolent gun
to my temple
offered me a choice
I declined
the weapon was more
nuisance than of relevance
a mere nothing
my consciousness blown to Kingdom come?
I could ‘live’ with that

in hindsight maybe that
would have been for the best
time was fast running…

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