Brexit woman ‘gutted’ as commemorative tea towel disintegrates during first wash


Oh my Goodness 🙄🙃😂

The Whitechapel Whelk

brexit busA 54-year-old woman from the north of England has expressed her dismay after the commemorative Brexit tea towel she had bought just days earlier fell to bits in the washing machine during its maiden wash.

Amanda Dann, a housewife and mother of two from Leeds, told the Yorkshire Post newspaper: “I was gutted when my Brexit tea towel fell to bits.

“It was a really nice one too with pictures of Nigel Farage and British bulldogs on it.

“It wasn’t cheap either. I paid fifty pounds for it from an online company called, The White

“They told me that half the money would be given to a pressure group dedicated to driving all the blacks into the sea.

“I can only assume it was made abroad. Probably Africa or one of those other EU countries.”

When it was pointed out to Mrs Dann that the product was manufactured in…

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4 thoughts on “Brexit woman ‘gutted’ as commemorative tea towel disintegrates during first wash

  1. The Whitechapel Whelk

    I found this piece condescending towards people who find it problematic to walk and rub their tummies at the same time and tea towels. Who writes this garbage?…oh.
    PS. Thank you for the reblog 🙂

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