Aggressive Simplification


you are pretty much amazing 😊💖😻


“There is no point
in using the word
to describe
that has
=== Douglas

It happened and I let it happen. Not once, twice, or thrice, but over and over again. As impossible as it seemed, I let my life, wait, “let” seems too passive, I actively  participated in the over-complication of my life.

Oh, I told myself I was simplifying. I did all the “right” things. I organized, sorted, classified, tidied, de-cluttered…tried to keep only things that sparked joy.

Yet my life felt like I was just moving round those deck chairs on the “Titanic” (there was room on the board for Jack, Rose, remember, never let go?).

Then complications, on tiny clawed feet creep, whether or not I leave them a treat…

1. First stage of grief – denial.
 In denial my life wa

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2 thoughts on “Aggressive Simplification

  1. I’m blushing…do go on lol 😉
    But seriously, thank you, not just for the lovely reblog but for all you do, tirelessly for bloggers and readers, you connect us and fill our lives with each other making them better each day.
    Thank you kindly and I hope you and yours are staying well and happy (all things considered).
    Big mega huge non-contagious hugs my friend xoxoxox

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    • Thank You so much dearest for your wonderful works and your kindness 🙏🙏❤🙏 yes, thank goodness we are all still well and I wish you and yours be as well in a good healthy 🤗❤🙏❤🤗 happy for the connection 😊❤❤🥰😘😘


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