Happy Birthday Federico Fellini


It is a must for me as it comes from my heart to share exceptionally this short announcement on Monday, the day my brain mostly strikes to work!

Today is Federico Fellini’s hundredth anniversary, let’s have a celebration on this genius 🤗🙏❤

Here is a scene of one of his best works! Amarcord (I remember)

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Federico Fellini

    • The essence of Fellini is found in the irrepressible spirit of his characters, they always manage to bounce back from the deepest despair. In two of his early films “La Strada” and “Nights of Cabiria” the main characters are abused and taken for granted, appealing to our most basic emotions. In “La Strada”, Gelsomina regains her will to live after being sold to then abused by Zampano. Cabiria rebounds quickly after both Georgio and Oscar profess their love then steal her money. First he makes an emotional connection by appealing to our empathy and compassion, then he is able to lift us up by appealing to our optimism and joy with a whimsical simple encounter with a ladybug. The common symbol of their resilience is the symbolic musical processions that popup out of nowhere.

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  1. The genius of Fellini begins with his vivid imagination. He is able to see inside our minds and interpret our dreams. By tapping into our subconscious he is able to guide us through his thought process, allowing us to make the same connections he sees in his mind. His work is full of metaphor and symbolism, “the film maker writes with his camera as a writer writes with his pen” (Thompson Bordwell, 1994), he returns again and again to deserted piazzas, desolate roads, and bleak dawns which symbolize despair and to parades and parties, the circus and the music hall, which are symbols of resilience.

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