Only a Few Minutes in Freedom

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Greetings to all dear friends. I am sorry to begin my lovely day with a tragedy which you’d already know about it. It hit my heart when I heard it and couldn’t get out of my mind since then.


You know, I must share my feeling here with my friends because it is not a plane-crash as any others. Of course, it is true that every such an accident is a heartbreaking tragedy for everyone.

But this one is not the same for me like the others, not because they were mostly fellow citizens. It’s because of my absolute image of their very last thoughts.

As you look at it closely, there are photo-albums, nobody takes them with when wants to get back again! file:///C:/Users/Admin/Pictures/Crash/7f62391528e577a5716fc26436c91edb818d6d6c-800×600.webp

Let me tell you a little about how my brother and I left (escaped) from Iran;

After I was arrested, one day when I came home from work, for my protest against an unfounded and groundless inspection on the Tehran streets, my family had succeeded to get me out after a couple of days, by paying a lot of many and I (with my brother Al) got ready to leave but when we reached to the transit, they have arrested us and the plane flew without us (as I remember, even the captain personally came into the transit to take us with, but no chance!) we had a suffering time thereafter but it is another story.

Anyhow, we had got a second try to leave, and I tell you how we spent the last minutes before the plane took off to get into the air; every second took like a lifetime for me till we were free!

A short trip to a free life

You maybe understand now what I mean; their feelings when the plane took off the ground, they have lived in freedom just a very short time, then…

May bless their soul in peace πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ˜’

19 thoughts on “Only a Few Minutes in Freedom

  1. I feel like a poet without words today, for nothing I can say will make a difference to the tragic outcome of this plane and 176 innocent lives being shot down and those aboard murdered.

    Indeed, the images are harrowing and deeply upsetting. I imagine many will be re-traumatized by seeing them and the photo albums speak volumes to all souls. Thank you for writing and sharing this important story.

    Finally, I’m so pleased that you and Al managed to escape and therefore I can deeply resonate with your title “only a few minutes in freedom”. My heart is breaking open, tears run freely.

    Yes, may their souls rest in peace. Aladin, if you follow Michael Meade (Mosiac Voices) you might enjoy his latest podcast “Between Two Fires”. I’ve left a link on my twitter profile. Warm blessings, Deborah.

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