Happy birthday to you brother 💖


Hi my lovely friends, that’s Al birthday; his birthday was in 12, 9th but as it was on Monday, I couldn’t write an anniversary for it at this time, though, I think it is not so important; it’s his birthday month and I can write down some of my heart-telling memories about our being together on this Earth 🙂

Centaur Archer Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Oh yes! his birth-star-sign is Sagittarius, and as I know some people who are born in this time, they’re somehow special, very proud and self-confident, and very intelligent.

I really don’t want to exaggerate but he was a genius in compare to other genius people I know, as a child he was a thoughtful child; it began the day after our father died in the very night and mother kept it secret and didn’t tell us! I was seven in age in that time and Al was nine.

she’d known his strength

Oh yes, she made a great mistake. She was a young woman at that time and as expected, very unskilled, therefore, anxious to do the right decision.

As I look back on this day; can just see a gloomy scene that after we’d woke up in that morning, mother told us that our father had been travelled to Europe, as he’d down sometimes, and sent us to our uncle’s house to stay a while, it was in Summertime’s holiday as my vague memories show me the scene of us; my cousins, Al and me laughingly playing in the big uncle’s swimming-pool but I’d never mention that Al knew already what happened. we were just twenty months apart but he was much older than me to catch the circumstances.

Father very left & Mother very right

I found it all afterwards, I was really a kid, but forty days after father’s death, I’ve coincidentally read an article in the magazine about the anniversary of my father’s (at first because he was a famous writer and secondly, in Islam, they celebrate the seventh and the fortieth day of one’s death) at once, I got to mother and asked her the matter, she had scolded me and said I’d shut up all! There one can imagine how I’d felt, though, she came to me after I got to a corner to shed tears and shed tears with me.

my mom & me some later

Yes, I’d a dramatic childhood but it’s another story!

Anyway, my brother Al was a genius no doubt, interestingly, after father’s leaving, he had begun to write, and became a writer, an unknown one, unfortunately, but he was an ingrained writer.

He’d helped me a lot to grow up, as I’m still doing it and thankful to have him all in my life.

his fortieth birthday
Just for fun 😉
Those days in 70th of state of euphoria
My 31th birthday in Iran

A long time ago, I shared one of his short stories in WordPress, and now I re-share it here if you’d like to have a read 😉


18 thoughts on “Happy birthday to you brother 💖

  1. Thank you so much Aladin for sharing the link to your brother’s story and writing more about your own life and upbringing. I really enjoyed reading both! What a wonderful birthday tribute for Al. Your relationship with him remains a deeply, loving and influential one. Warm & wild blessings, Deborah.

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