Fairy Tale Tuesday: Snow White


Another fascinating fairytales 🤗🥰🙏

Nifty Buckles

Good day Folks!

Another fabulous day for a Fairy Tale or Folk Tale.

Snow White I’m sure by now most people have read the Fairy tale or watched Disney’s version on TV or DVD.

 Snow White, also known in German as Sneewittchen/Schneeweißchen, Tale 53. It originated from an Indigenous German Folk tale collected, written and published by The Grimm Brothers in 1812their first edition called Grimms’ Fairy Tales. Their revision was completed in 1854 Little Snow White.

Snow White was made into an animated feature film by Walt Disney in 1937.

Snow White is a folk tale about a beautiful Indigenous German (white skinned or Caucasian) Princess who was named “Snow White by her biological mother.

Snow White was also know as being the fairest in the land.

A Real Snow White?

Snow White may have been based on Margarete Von Waldeck according to Historian…

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