The Forgotten Issue


In my opinion the nature of human went wrong; I don’t know why but I’m sure it isn’t the goal of our creation!

I once read about Cathars, A early religious Christian group; The Cathars (also known as Cathari from the Greek Katharoi for “pure ones”) were a dualist medieval religious sect of Southern France which flourished in the 12th century CE and challenged the authority of the Catholic Church. via

I must thank to Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval  to let me read their common book: The Master Game http://The Master Game –

It began a long time ago when my brother told me about a religious group of peoples in the early Christian time, who could live in cold and heath without need of facilities to make them warm or cool. And they could even lift up their bodies in the air by meditations.

Therefore, I am sure we have lost or forgotten something, something very important, very necessary, the basic!

Let’s read here what Jeffery Raff, Jeff Raff a Jungian Analyst says about the master of nature; via C.G. Jung: Healing Descent (FB) By Craig Nelson with thanks 🙏💖

Lumen Naturae and the ‘Word’ :
“..human beings united within themselves the eternal Word of God as It existed in eternity, and the Word of God as It existed in nature. Clearly, human beings as Self are.. the focal point.. which unites not only higher and lower, but the two aspects of divinity, the Word in time and the Word in eternity. The human Self is the center that unites God and all creation within itself. It is the center, therefore, in which the second and third coniunctios are attained.”
Jeffrey Raff, Alchemical Imagination

An addition:

“Though this center must be created by inner Alchemy..” (the stone does not appear in Nature) :
Humans “..are the crown of all creation and the potential redeemer of ourselves and of God. We are the center of the universe. Imagine, if you can, what it means to be the center of the universe! To recognize within yourself the magical power to unify human and divine worlds, to incarnate the uppermost and the nethermost, and to join together the two aspects of the Divine Word. There is no greater power, no higher majesty than the human Self. Nor is this just true of one type of human, one race, or one religion. Every human being is the center of creation, at least potentially. Though this center must be created through the processes of inner alchemy, every man, woman, and child is the core of all of life. Imagine living in a world that treated every human being as the center of life, and that afforded to the human Self the respect which it is due. It is no wonder that the greatest struggle of the modern world is to liberate the individual from the masses, and to restore to the individual the dignity and honor each person deserves. If our society would recognize the potential lying within the darkness of every human soul and would expend its resources toward the development of that potential, our world would be far different indeed. This is, of course, not likely to occur, but those who study psychology and attempt to guide human development would do well to consider the miraculous nature of the psyche with which they are working.”
Jeffrey Raff, Alchemical Imagination

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