The Great Re-write|دوباره نویسی عالی


Everything will be taken in the eyes of the beholder🙏❤

A Voice from Iran


A man was sitting in his room with deep sad thoughts and a pen in his hand. He wrote: “I’ve had a terrible year. Last year I had surgery and took my gallbladder out.


I had to stay at home for a while because I had complicated surgery.


I turned sixty in that year and lost my job. I worked for thirty years for this publishing company and loved my job.


I lost my father in that sad year, and it broke my heart. My son had a severe accident last year, and because of his injuries and being in the cast, he couldn’t participate in exams and lost his chance of medical school that year.


The car turned into a piece of garbage, and we didn’t have full coverage insurance to fix it. Oh dear God, what a terrible year.”

He left his writing on his desk and left…

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