The Spooky Tale of Stingy Jack


A little big story 😊🙏👍💖

Nifty Buckles

Halloween/Samhain has arrived, before I share the Spooky Tale of Stingy Jack I’d like to share some slices of pumpkin wisdom with you. This is my favorite time of year when the green leaves turn into dazzling scarlet and harvest gold. Fiery Mountain Ash show off their orange and gold, wearing their burgundy berries peaking beneath sparse leaves.
Did you know these large orange gourds are fruit? A member of the gourd family Curcurbitacae pepo along with squash, gherkins, cucumbers and melons.
In 2018 Steve Geddes of Boscawen, New Hampshire, grew a great pumpkin weighing in at a whopping 2,528 pounds! That’s a pumpkin that would make Linus from the peanuts gang radiate with glee. According to Guinness World Records on-line,
The largest pumpkin pie weighs 1,678 kg (3,699 lb) and was made by New Bremen Giant Pumpkin Growers (USA) at New Bremen Pumpkinfest in New Bremen, Ohio…

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