Stealing bread|سرقت نان


One of the wisest advice I’ve ever known 👍👍🙏💖

A Voice from Iran

A man got caught while stealing in the Bazaar. The Bazaar’s security arrested him and took the thief to the judge.


The security explained that he saw this thief stealing a loaf of bread from the bakery.


The judge said: “A thief is a thief, it doesn’t matter what this man stole. A thief should be punished for his actions. I order the executioner to cut off the thief’s right hand. Everyone should learn a lesson when this thief walks around.”


The thief cried and explained how hungry his children are at home, and he hasn’t found any job for the past month. He begged the judge not to cut his hand because he would never be able to work and provide for his family.


A wise man was a close friend with the judge who was present at the trial. The wise man listened carefully to the hearing and…

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