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Teagan dear, You are the Cat’s Pyjamas 😊❤❤

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Lucille Ball teenaged 1Lucille Ball as Pip

Sheiks and Shebas, it’s another Jazz Age Wednesday.  Today I’m here with a little trivia. If you’re a regular, then you know that I like to use Roaring Twenties slang in my replies to comments.  They had such fun with language back then.  

Twenties Tidbit

One of my favorite 1920s compliments is You’re the cat’s pajamas!  Which, of course, means something along the lines of “You’re terrific.”  It describes someone (or thing) who is the best at what they do, something highly sought after and desirable.

Doris Kenyon wearing pajamas in January 1920 ShadowlandDoris Kenyon wearing pajamas in January 1920 Shadowland

To break it down, a cat  was slang for a man, especially an unconventional man.  So we already know it means someone (or thing) cool.  However, there’s a little more to it than that.  Because of the “pajamas” it has a rather risque undertone.  

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