Out of the Water, Into the Woods: 2 more Tales of Longnu, the Dragon King’s Daughter


Maybe it’s this:

Pearls of Wisdom are sometimes born from mercy…

Sometimes born from pain.

Either way, Guānyīn smiles down on us…
I think it is! Great read 🙏🙏👍

Myth Crafts

As we saw the last time, Longnü made her first appearance in a Buddhist Sutra, the Lotus Flower. In that text, she was transformed by the Buddha into a man to become a Bodhisattva; the irony of this tale being that her own associated Bodhisattva, Avalokateshvara, had already been culturally transformed into a female, now known as Guānyīn .

Story 2:

The first folklore tale of Longnü occurs in the Complete Tale of Avalokiteśvara and the Southern Seas (Nánhǎi Guānyīn Quánzhuàn); here she plays a subtle part, rescuing her brother from certain death.

Her brother, Sudhana, had gone swimming, and taken the form of a fish, a carp to be precise. In this form he was caught by a fisherman, and being on land, was unable to transform back into his dragon form.

The fisherman took Sudhana to the market to be butchered. However, given his…

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