Jazz Age Wednesdays — The Renaissance Era to Fantasy


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Wednesday, October , 2019

I’m still celebrating the launch of A Ghost in the Kitchen. 

Sheiks and Shebas, welcome back to Jazz Age Wednesdays. Thanks again to everyone who supported and visited my book launch for A Ghost in the Kitchen

Vintage ghosts severalIt’s hard to choose a category for this latest novel, or any of the stories about Pip and her friends. Above all esle, there’s whimsy.  Yet there’s also the 1920s setting, mystery, food, and there’s speculative fiction or magic realism — whichever you choose to call the ghosts.

From the Renaissance to Fantasy

Two of the ghosts were inspired by real-world people in history.  However, their time was long before the Roaring Twenties. One of those is pos-i-lutely potent poltergiest of the title, Maestro Martino.  His real life counterpart was Martino de Rossi (or Martino of Como, or Martino de Rubeis, called Maestro Martino).  That…

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