A Creation Myth From Guinea: Death and His Son-In-Law


Blackbird singing in the death of night…
a fundamental truth 🙏🙏💖👍

Myth Crafts

Now, we all know that if you have a companion, things can get complicated; when you add a child to the mix, things can easily go from complicated to downright problematic.

This was the issue facing Sa, also known as Death. He, his wife, and his daughter were (apparently) the only beings in creation. Not just that, they were the only “things” in an eternal darkness. Verily, Sa, his wife, and daughter were the only forms in a formless void, beings adrift in the Great Empty.

Sa, however, had Magic on his side; words that could be used to speak existence into being.

“I can fix this”, he thought to himself.

And so, using his incantations, he invoked a river of mud.

Aesthetically pleasing? Probably not.

Practical – well at least for the (non)-time being.

On top of this river of mud, he built a hut big enough for the…

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