Rude people|افراد بی ادب


Never judge before ge

A Voice from Iran

Story by: Laleh Chini


Adam worked in a flower shop near the very crowded entrance of a subway.

Every day he opened the flower shop early, and after a few hours, the owner showed up to work. The owner was an older woman, very kind, and talented at her job.


She had been working at her shop for more than forty years. Now that she wasn’t able to be at her shop for more than a few hours, she hired Adam to teach him all her magic talent and sell the shop to Adam in small payments.


Adam was a handsome boy with long hair and attractive eyes. He loved working at the flower shop, especially being the future owner.


Adam was very kind and friendly to all the customers. Hundreds of people walked to the shop daily, some new customers and some regular.

One day a beautiful young girl…

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