Who said that Time is Gold


I have a strange feeling today! Some of such a day in which I confusingly stare at the monitor but I see not the events that are happening now but there is my past life which is running before my eyes.

And then I saw this short poem by Forough Farrokhzad, one of the greatest Persian poetess and it hit my eyes and heart.

Wishing you all a leisurely weekend ❤ ❤

Who said that time is gold
I tasted it by and by
Time is like alcohol; burns second to the second,
when you got drunk
You open your eyes and see that your life has been gone
and there’s been remained; you and a hangover of a lost life.

چه کسی گفت زمان طلاست
من مزه مزه اش کردم
زمان عینه الکل ثانیه ثانیه می سوزاند
مست که شدی
چشمانت را باز میکنی و میبینی عمرت گذشت و تو مانده ای و خماری یک عمر از دست رفته.

Here is a link to another wonderful one ❤


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