The Folklore of Owls


I love Owls ❤🙏

*Folklore, poetry & fiction writer


Do you like Owls? I love them. They sit majestically upon tree branches, barns, on top of roofs and old split rail fences. Recently, I noticed an article from regarding a wisdom of Burrowing Owls that began to nest and plant themselves in a Florida neighborhood, Marcos Island that was most likely a natural bird sanctuary until people decided to build it up to reside there.

Some folks have kind hearts and welcomed the owls with open arms making the owls stay comfortable for them. Here is the article written on August 14th 2019 by Roger Williams called Burrowing Owls Are the Family Next door in this Florida Boom Town,

These burrowing owls look adorable yet they are wild. One can adopt an owl on their website. Remember Owls are to be respected, please do not disturb their habitat if you come across one. Burrowing Owls…

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