Seshat – Egyptian Goddess of Writing


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Myth Crafts

Consort to the God Thoth (sometimes sister, sometimes wife) who brought writing and Hieroglyphs to the Egyptian people, the goddess Seshat was tasked with presiding over all that was written. She ruled the domain of the written word, overseeing its use in the mortal world, the celestial heavens, and the realm of the dead.

“Known as ‘she who is foremost in the library'”(1) Seshat was the collector and cataloger of all the works stored in the Library (Egyptian – House of Life) where all of the important and sacred texts were kept; it was in the House of Life that scribes and scholars would discuss concepts such as religion, cosmology, astronomy and mathematics.

Library The word library in Hieroglyphs shown above was made up of the Ankh – the symbol of life – flanked either side by floor plans that represented the word house = The House of Life

The texts…

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