The Alhambra


There are surely fascinating buildings with beautiful arts all over the eyes can see though, I’d thank Cid, the rescuer, to stop the Arabic on wards marsh in through the west! I accept that we can find many original funds in the Islamic countries but the main reason, in my opinion, is, that Islam at their beginning, were highly tolerant. that’s because of their unsureness on having more believers on their sides. Therefore, the Arabs made it very easy; just saying “Allah-o-Akbar” God is great, and Mohammad is his only prophet, is enough, everything was solved! And everybody could or even should do what he (never she’d of course!) was ever doing. I surely don’t want to loathe some folk or so, it’s written in the history; the Arabs have no arts but Talking Poesie, they made a lot with their language because they were much proud of their language and it is their right to feel so; the Arabic language is one of the most perfect language in the world. though, surely not the only language which God must know. as they meant! Anyway, I wanted just to remember that the countries which the Arabs, after Islam overcome, had their Arts, Philosophies, Astronomic, Architectures, and so on. I admit this wonderful post heartily as ever 🙏🙏💖💖🙏

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