The best Idea ever! 🙂 ❤

A Voice from Iran


A big and famous company was hiring only one person. To find the best candidate, they asked one same question from each applier.


The question was: “You are driving on a stormy cold night.


You pass a bus station, which three people are waiting there.

  • An old lady is dying out of the cold weather.


  • A doctor saved your life once before.
  • A girl or a guy, you love to marry one day.

You can only give a ride to one person.


Who would you choose?

In reality, saving each one of them has its good reason, the old lady needs immediate help, and many candidates chose to save her.

Some candidates chose the doctor, and some the person that would like to marry in the future.


From the 200 appliers, the one who was hired had this answer:


“I would give my car key to the doctor so that…

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