Old Celtic Custom: Telling of The Bees


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What would we do without bees? Their one of Gaia’s major pollinators. Researchers today claim without bees humanity will cease to exist. Bees and bee keeping have been around since antiquity. Bees were known to help newly departed souls bridge from our world to the underworld by the Aegean/Greek civilization.

Bees were sought out by folks to provide honey with it’s health properties to make cough syrup or sweeten tea and breads. Honey was used in mead and the wax of the honey comb used to make candles. Royal jelly has been touted for its’ nutritional benefits.

Below: Gold plaques engraved with winged bee goddesses from the Thriae, 3 virginal nymph sisters, Naiads in Greek mythology who were known as protectors of bees.  These gold plaques were discovered in Camiros, Rhodes, 7th century BCE now displayed at the British Museum in London UK


In the UK, Germany, parts of Europe…

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