Carl Jung: Carl Jung on “Complexes.


Since some time ago I have mentioned that I have two sides on WordPress and I don’t know why! Can’t remember how I made it but anyway, here with a help by dear friend Byung A. Fallgren, I found a nice post of mine 😉 I just re-blog it 😊😎 thank you Byung 🙏❤

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It might be a coincidence but I was thinking about this term these days as I thought about my youth when we, as young intellectuals. were discussing our “Innere Weisheit” (inner wisdom), as we’d learned by Freud and his analysis about Complexes.We’d just translate this as” inside devil” who or which laying inside us and surely it’d come from our inner unknown; unconsciousness. As it has been known as mather’s or father’s complex. But I think that Jung has got this point more opened and widely, I know myself that I have carried many complexes from my youth with me because I had a very complicated childhood. But it’s just good to know this; [Ich bin Bewusst!] What I mean is; to be or try to know own complexes as we know everybody has its own!

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Everyone knows nowadays that people “have complexes.”

What is not so well…

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