Above, the Heavens: Moon, Star and Sun


Myth Crafts

It is very tempting to look at the cards of the Tarot, specifically those of the Major Arcana, as symbolic metaphors, or to put it in Jungian terms, as Archetypes/Archetypal Images. This is understandable; even in the oldest of decks, these cards seem to evoke deeper meanings.

However, sometimes a card might just be a card…

And sometimes, the truths they point to are more obvious than they might seem.

So while the dense symbolism of the astral cards in the Tarot can undergo radical re-imaginings, it probably behooves us to take a step back, and consider them for what they say they are: stellar objects. And while one can extrapolate layers of denser astrological symbolism, this too can be stripped back (not that I don’t ascribe them with deeper meanings myself).

The Tarot isn’t being subtle here: it presents us with three astral directives/directions:

The Star (XVII), the Moon…

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