There Are No Excuses Under The Sun For Inaction


Have We Had Help?


People make me laugh. Whenever you call them out over something, nine times out of ten they will have an excuse for their inaction. A dear friend of mine who shall remain genderless and nameless came up with the absolute classic today – ‘I don’t have time’. That one is usually accompanied by another equally feeble excuse – ‘I’ll get around to it’. Yeh right, pull the other one!

I had made my mind up to give the individual in question a signed copy of my latest science fiction novella – The Guardian to thank them for their unwavering friendship to me over the years. To begin with it took them just over two weeks to wander round the corner from their home to where I live, to collect it. They went away assuring me that they would read it. That was a week ago. Considering the novella is eighty…

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