The Plantlore of Nettles


Nifty Buckles

I always found an ever abundance of nettles during the summer months when I was a wee child. The ones that really stuck with me, (pun intended,) was the stinging nettle Urtica diotica that I would eventually run into while playing hide and seek, or tag with neighborhood friends. According to botanists non stinging Nettle is known as Urtica.

330px-Illustration_Urtica_dioica0 or nettles on wikipedia

Do the fae hide under the nettles? In Danish folklore, they once believed the fae/fairies would hide and play among the nettles pictured in Feature image.


Nettles typify the Scandinavian Thunder god Thor. In the past Nettles were tossed into a fire during a thunderous storm to revere Thor and for protection of the home. Nettles were used by the trickster god Loki, to craft a fishing net using nettles.

The Lacunga is a compilation of herbal magical texts from the 10th century. The Anglo-Saxon ‘Nine Herb Charm’ which includes Wergula/Nettles…

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