The Wish Tree


Nifty Buckles

Many of you have heard of a Wishing Well, have you ever heard of a Wish Tree?

A Wish Tree may be a specific tree that is noticed by its form, position or location. It is used by folks to make a wish sometimes including an offering. Pagans such as the Druids in the past would consider a specific tree such as an Oak as a sacred tree to revere. Other religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity consider certain trees as hallowed or Holy such as the Banyan tree or the tree of life.

In Pre-Christian times German and Celtic pagans believed a sacred tree or sacred groves was home for tree spirits and nature spirits. In Norse Mythology the Giant Ash Yggdrasilhouses the 9 worlds. The Yule Treewhich is an evergreen tree was considered sacred and offerings and decorations placed on it was to evoke…

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