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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Mine shaft by Hangela at PixabyMine shaft by Hangela at Pixaby

Hello everyone.  Welcome to my sanctuary.

Now that Brother Love has concluded, I didn’t want you to think I had given you the shaft.  I’m here with some clues about what’s coming next here at Teagan’s Books. 

Go Back — Jack. That’s only the subtitle of the song, but it’s the biggest hint.

Call for Random Things!

You don’t have to know what I have in mind to leave a random “thing” to drive the next story.  However, please limit your description of the thing to 2 words. 

Steam Engine Machine by Bluemer at PixabaySteam Engine Machine by Bluemer at Pixabay

These also need to be non-technology things.  It will be a Victorian Era-ish setting.  Yes, I mean steampunk.  Have you guessed yet?  Here’s one more hint. 

Jackalope Superstition MountainsUnless you’ve been following for quite awhile, I guess this didn’t make much sense.  


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