Haiku Yarn


In Poetry, we shall never part ❤


Tempest on the moon
Storms ripple tides;
My eyes share water
With the ocean and sea.

Stars dot the connect
Once upon a keyboard
Asterisk, ellipses
Breaking the silence.

I carpe diem
So much confusion
Searching for the perfect word--
In poetry we shall never part.

Bard broken
Eating my heart out
That is so self consuming:
The clock's moving hands.

Short on oxygen
Human extinction
Dust to dust.

Playing hooky
Green behind the ears;
Wilful liberation
Ignoramus on roll-call.

My soul takes a breath
From your soul-
Rainbow's end.

Killer looks
Intrigued by
Your silence---
For your eyes only.

Song of the desert rose
Cactus dreams 
Of rain.....

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