Juno Goddess of Time


*Folklore, poetry & fiction writer

June is a glorious month! Spring is officially present and encroaching upon sultry summer. June is the month of rebirth, of nature after a long, frozen winter. June ushers in twittering song birds, a various array of fine green colored plants and trees, brilliant pinks, white and yellow blossoms. June is famous for of the pink Strawberry moon, also known as the Rose moon or Hot moon and the ushering in of the summer solstice.


Above: Flaming June, by Lord Leighton 1895 (public domain.)

June is the astrological month of Geminithe twins and after the twenty-first Cancer the crab.

The ancient goddess of time that resides over June is the pre-Roman goddess Juno, was an original Creator Goddess or Spirit. Juno is named in Aesop’s fable of Juno and the Peacock. This maternal goddess of fertility governs several phases of the feminine principal of life…

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