Easter Folklore: France


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Each Easter Monday the petite town of Bessieres France (Haute Garonne)  implements their unique tradition beginning in 1973.  The town chefs carefully create a huge, tasty omelette, made from 15,000 eggs and its diameter is 4 metres! Fifty or so folks volunteer to crack all the eggs. This takes all about 90 minutes including cooking time for the omelette. The town’s folklore was based from a 19th century tale. Napoleon Bonaparte and his army stopped over at one of the Inns at Bessieres. The Inn keeper cooked up a delicious omelette for Napoleon Bonaparte while he was sojourning in Bessieres. He savoured the omelette so much that the whole town used all their eggs and cooked him a colossal omelette.


Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825) Napoleon Crossing the Alps — Kunsthistorisches Museum in Public Domain

Source & Reference: https://www.omelettegeante.fr

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