The Childhood of an Unlikely Shield Maiden: Wynne III


Wow, Unbelievable so easily a great Literature we can read here, a wonderful present! Thank You Jean 🙏🙏❤📚❤🌹

Jean Lee's World

What follows is a continuation ofmy previous two installments of free fiction–a dialogue between me and Wynne, a character from myShield Maidens of Idanafantasy series.Today we learn more about The Man of the Golden Hound Crest and his dangerous power over Wynne’s household.

What would you consider to be your worst defeat?

An easy choice. You may disagree with me later on, but I promise you, here lies the root of all present sorrows.

But I cannot speak of it in the open….surely not in my home. It is midday, is it not? Then the water mill is no option. Wild Buddug meets her sweetheart there for the next few hours, and one accidental intrusion is quite enough for me, thank you.

Caddock’s warehouse will be filled with loud talk and eyes far keener for lifeless goods to protect—or steal, depending on how you see it…

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