A Tribute to my beloved Brother.


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This is for the first time that I write a tribute about my brother on this site, who “changed the level” as he wrote in his last novel as picturing the death.

He left on this day in 2007 because of a fiendish brain tumour and I reminded this day always on FB but now I feel much cosier to share it here with you.

Of course, in my opinion, to lose a beloved one lingers all the time in the heart and mind. But to mention the very day; Birthday or dying day, is normally the highest point of this memory, as one is much closer than ever.

Yes, we were an unusual pair; when I was born he was just 20 months old and after a year of my residence on this earth, one day when my mother was outdoor, he suggested Dad that they should take the chance to make an end on this cranky kinky and whimsical trouble and threw him out!!

But I survived by the help of Dad and despite all our differences, became fine to each other. Especially, when our father died by a brain stroke, I was just seven years old and Al, my brother, almost a year older was nevertheless much wiser and his brain further than mine, therefore, he took the place of the protectionist.

And as father was just a writer with no idea about making money, he left us with a huge depth and Mom, although, as a young widow, had to find ways to pay all them off. Therefore, we were mostly alone in our big house. But with all exciting moments, we got through these all troubles and it brought us much nearer and closer together.

Anyway, He was a very happy freethinker and sometimes very hard; an honest critical genius with a generous heart.

I don’t believe in ghosts as some might do but in a might behind this earthly life and I feel it beside me, as my brother or Mom or Dad. With always love and gratitude ❤ ❤

30 thoughts on “A Tribute to my beloved Brother.

  1. Thank you Aladin for sharing such a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to your brother. I’m so glad that you feel more comfortable to open up and share your own story now, after sharing so many other stories, so generously, these past years on your website.

    It was lovely to see your family photos and to read of your dear mother’s strength and your own courage in overcoming the early, sad death of your father, and the subsequent death of your brother twelve years ago today. Thinking of you, Deborah.

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    • Gratefully thanks dear Deborah for these wonderful & kind words. Oh yes, surely when I’m at home and have time enough to do my lovely works, I can write a much from my own thoughts, it is only the job which prevents me doing it and when I see some nice posts by the others, I reblog it sincerely.
      by the way, thank you so much; I read Elaine’s new post, wonderful ❤ ❤

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  2. Dear Magician, this is a lovely tribute. The death of a sibling shapes us, no matter when, or how — no matter our age at the time. The anniversary of my little sister’s death was this week, although that was many decades ago.
    So with a “virtual” glass of Jack Daniels (as on his t-shirt) I toast your brother, my sister, and you. Hugs.

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  3. elainemansfield

    So much beauty and heart shines through your grief and love, Alaedin. I knew of your brother’s death and remember the intensity of your mutual love. Thank you for saying more about him and your family. Thank you for honoring your reader (me) with your personal stories and memories. Sending love.

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    • I Thank You for your inspiration, it gives me strength to see everything much deeper and with patience. I’ve written a comment on your wonderful new post to show my gratitude, be blessed my dear Elaine 🙏⚘❤

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  4. Such a beautiful tribute, my friend. I love what you wrote, and especially the ending lines …. I think our loved ones might be always with us, somehow. And I have experienced that as well. ♥️ sending love and best wishes 😘🖤

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  5. Sorry for your loss of loved ones. I too have lost loved ones it takes it toll on one after a while. Remember to take care of yourself. Remember the good times. Our dearly departed will live on in our hearts.

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