Group 99|گروه 99


Never search for the last (lost) coin 😉 learned once more, wonderful 🤗👍❤

A Voice from Iran


A king of a land noticed that one of his servants was very happy. He couldn’t stand it and had to ask him about his happiness.


The servant said: “I am happy your grace, because I have a great wife and a healthy child. I work and can provide food and shelter for them. We don’t have much but I am grateful for what I have.”


The king later went to his minister and explained his servant’s happiness.

The minister said: “I will make sure if his happiness is real and will last long. He needs to become a part of group 99.”

The minister sent one sack of rice and one sack filled with 99 gold coins to the servant’s house.


When the servant went home, he saw the sacks and became very happy. He started to count the coins. He counted the coins three times and it still…

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