Australian Birthday Custom: Fairy Bread


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The Fae must love Australians, given the fact that their Birthday celebrations include a delightful dessert called Fairy Bread.

Fairy Bread what is it? It’s white bread smeared with butter or margarine loaded with colourful sprinkles then sliced into triangles. It’s  served at children’s’ Birthday parties across Australia and New Zealand.

Photo below of a Fairy ornament with Fairy Bread credited to HI COOKERY

download (1)

The origin of Fairy Bread is a bit of a mystery. Some folks say it began in Australia in the 1920s, legend has it that a newspaper called The Hobart Mercury wrote about it in an article concerning children dining on Fairy Bread. The newspaper began on July 5th, 1854 by George Auber Jones and John Davies. The Hobert Mercury has evolved over the years into The Mercury owned by News Corp Australia, present editor is Chris Jones.

Earlier mention of Fairy Bread was cited by Scottish…

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