Charles Fort’s Damned Journey Through the Super-Sargasso Sea


I want to believe 😀 😉

Myth Crafts

Charles Fort and the Book of the Damned:

A procession of the damned.
By the damned, I mean the excluded.
We shall have a procession of data that Science has excluded

With those words, Charles Fort opened his first successful book, which he titled The Book Of The Damned. This volume contained accounts of UFOs, bizarre things falling from the skies (including frogs), strange weather patterns, cryptozoology, and the sightings of mythical beasties. Sounds like something you might see on the History Channel – if Fort were alive today, they might interview him on Ancient Aliens.

The thing is, he was doing it way before there was a History Channel.

Hell, this was before there were any channels.

It wasn’t his first attempt at writing; he had tried his hand before, to no avail.

However, this time, he turned to his one, true passion:

Reports of the unexplained that…

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