Heaven’s Entrance|ورودی بهشت


Lovely and wonderful ❤❤

A Voice from Iran


A man was riding on his horse and his dog was following them. The weather was cloudy and getting darker.


Suddenly, a loud thunder stroked and killed the man, his horse and dog.


The man didn’t notice that he died and continued riding with his two animals. The dark sky had turned into a beautiful blue one and stunning hills were along their way.


They all were getting tired and thirsty. On the way, he saw a huge gold-gated entrance with a golden floor and a beautiful fountain in the middle.


He looked at the guard and asked: “What is this beautiful place?”

The guard replied: “It’s heaven.”


He said: “Oh thank God, we are thirsty and tired.”

The guard said: “You can get in and drink water but I am very sorry, your dog and horse aren’t allowed to enter.”


He got very disappointed and said: “I would never…

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