Fairy Tale: The Red Shoes


Nifty Buckles

Who would have thought a new pair of shoes could cause so much grief? Shoes are a tool for folks that live in Northern climates and keep feet sunburn free in Southern climates. Footwear, at times is vital to a person’s survival. Shoes keep our feet warm, dry and injury free. Evolving over time, shoes became a fashion statement to wear first by royals and wealthy people and later was available to the everyday person.

This story has a moral weaved throughout it vanity may become ones own undoing.

In the past this was one of the seven deadly sins of Christianity and this particular tale reflects this theme throughout. It also has a deeper meaning, craft your own pair of shoes, instead of wearing someone else’s shoes. (pertaining to ones own creativity and instinct.)

In Clarissa Pinkola Estés book “Women Who Run with The Wolves,” on page 222, Dr…

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