Psicoanálisis: “Sueño, Obra de Arte e Inconsciente Profundo”.-


Psychoanalysis: “Dream, Work of Art and Deep Unconscious” .-
The Work of Art, through the symbolic structures that nest in it, is an expression of the man analogous to the dream, but, unlike this one that appears to us with its essential evanescence, the Work of Art is a Fixed Dream, and it is also, because it contains a potential of reverie, a centre of psychic vibration that can generate new imaginative openings in the human being.

Analytical Psychology has been able to discover in Art, the game of the same dynamic processes that act in the Oneiric Phenomenon. The aesthetic object remains at an intermediate level between the Imaginary Object of Dream and the Concrete Object of the Real World. It is a projection of the Imaginary in the Real: it is not incommunicable like the dream, but, on the contrary, it is characterized by being discernible by man.

The Symbols of art, insofar as they are “living”, behave like the symbols of the dream, but with specific differences. In the dream state, the rational, volitional and reflection functions are almost suspended, and the impulsive and trend elements are in their original habitat.

In art, the same thing does not happen: the whole personality is at stake, as the old alchemists expressed it: Ars requirit totum hominem (Technique requires a whole person…) The ideas are presented next to the images and are placed with them in the condensations. Art gathers all the regions of the spirit, even the highest ones, in a process that the dream usually puts only in the regions of the Pulsional Experiences, through Primordial Symbolic Images. Art also manifests itself in the form of images and primordial symbols, whose line is the Deep Unconscious, but the Apollonian side of art allows Consciousness to grasp the contents that come from the dark regions, and capture them in the work, thus remaining fixed by the artist’s hand.

Both the dreams and the work of art are generated by a Suprapersonal Sphere that Jung called collective Unconscious, and from this Suprapersonal Fund arise original, primitive structures, which are manifested through symbolic images of a universal nature, for which Jung expressed: “This part of the Unconscious obviously likes to express itself through mythological images, because this mode of expression is in tune with its nature” (*).

The mediator of the work, the artist, can reach the roots of his Primitive Unconscious only if he enters the dark and deep abysses of the living myth that he carries within himself in order to express his subjective visions and express them artistically and expressively.

The work of art, like the dream and the myth, is the mouth of several rivers that converge, it is the manifest purpose of the creative potentialities of the Unconscious, which are revealed in the poem, music or painting: “The human Psyche is the matrix of all the arts and sciences “(**).

⚡️La Audacia de Aquiles⚡️


La Obra de Arte, a través de las estructuras simbólicas que en ella anidan, es una expresión del hombre análoga al sueño, pero, a  diferencia de éste que se nos aparece con su esencial evanescencia, la Obra de Arte es un Sueño Fijado, y es también, por contener un potencial de ensoñación, un centro de Vibración Psíquica  que puede generar nuevas aperturas imaginativas en el ser humano.

La Psicología Analítica ha podido descubrir en el Arte, el juego de los mismos procesos dinámicos que actúan en el Fenómeno Onírico. El objeto estético permanece en un nivel intermedio entre el Objeto Imaginario del Sueño y el Objeto Concreto del Mundo Real. Es una proyección de lo Imaginario en lo Real: no es incomunicable como el sueño, sino que, por el contrario, se caracteriza por ser discernible por el hombre.

Los Símbolos del arte, en la medida en que son

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