B_, the Ambiguous Ninth Avatar of Vishnu


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Myth Crafts

As we’ve seen earlier, there are two competing theories as to why mythic motifs keep recurring through the world; one is that they are archetypal, and therefore come unbidden from the depths of the collective unconscious, and the other is that they are a kind of cultural cross contamination (in the best sense), also known as dispersion theory.

Now, as with most things, there is a middle path; maybe motifs disperse because they are archetypal.

The problem with that theory is that it makes too much sense, and leaves little room for people to get defensive about their respective positions.

I’d say “don’t shoot the messenger”, but we know that’s who always gets shot first.

To quote Sophocles in his play Antigone, “no one loves the messenger who brings bad news”.

That asides, we find ourselves in an interesting predicament when it comes to talking about the ninth, penultimate…

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