Jazz Age Wednesday — Pip & Artie, Aghast at a Ghost


Artie & Co are Cool 👍 Jazz for ever 😊❤❤

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019 

Author Neil Gaiman for Get Caught ReadingAuthor Neil Gaiman for Get Caught Reading

May is #GetCaughtReading Month!  Chris Graham, the Story Reading Ape himself, and I are together again to support this initiative that promotes the fun of reading for all ages.

Chris and I have collaborated on several short stories that include his character, a genius ape named Artie and my first flapper, Pip.  It all started with Time Travel Esc-Ape.  Then there was Pip in the Corn Maze, followed by the three-part Pip and Artie Meet Again.

I hope you Get Caught Reading our new story!  It is set during the time-line of my upcoming novel A Ghost in the Kitchen.  All right then, let’s get a wiggle on and head to the Jazz Age!

Pip and Artie — Aghast at a Ghost

Fearful man and woman circa 1926Ghost Stories Magazine circa 1926

“Hello,” I answered the telephone.  “Andy, tha―”


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