The answer is; I will read this book… anyway 😉🙏👍👍


the elastic snapped cover

WARNING: This book may contain traces of nuts (not of the edible kind) and may also cause drowsiness amongst those unfamiliar with the English language. Bibliophobia sufferers may experience severe panic attacks.  Additionally, it is strongly recommended that you do not drive whilst reading.

INGREDIENTS: Lunacy, stupidity, silliness, idiocy, absurdity, aberration, eccentricity and fragments of appallingly bad taste.


Notwithstanding the above, within this tome you will discover Agatha Christie’s long lost short story, ‘The Elastic Snapped’, the superheroes ‘Pac A Mac Man & Galoshes Boy’, the ‘Swoony Sayings from The Young Buddha’, ‘Alfred Outwhaite’s Pedigree Homing Earwig’, ‘Naomi Wholemeal the Useless Radicalized Eco Warrior & Poet’ and how Noah came to feast upon ‘Unicorn Sausages’.

Moreover, there are real life tales and aspects of history that you were likely never told of at school, such as ‘The Rolling Pin that Saved The British Empire’, the construct of a ‘Young…

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