The Union of Cupid and Psyche, Part 2/4, the Banishment and the Villa


Myth Crafts

In part 1, we met our cast of characters. Now, it’s time to let them play out their parts:

So imagine this: you are the most beautiful princess in the world. Your beauty rivals that of the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite.

This has two unfortunate side effects:

First, it has drawn the ire of the Goddess herself.

Second, it means that unlike your two older sisters, no suitors pursue you; they believe themselves unworthy of your affections.

Your father, the King, is troubled that he can’t find you a suitable husband. He wonders if the Gods are offended.

And so he does the most logical thing he can think of: he goes to consult the Oracle of Delphi.

The Sybil has grave news:

“Your daughter is destined to marry a terrible beast, one that even the Gods fear. Take her to a rocky outcropping, high over the seas, and…

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