My wife is going deaf|همسر من در حال ناشنوا شدن است


keep an eye at the clue 😉 happy holidays ❤

A Voice from Iran


An old man was very concerned about his wife. He realized that his wife can’t hear very well. He didn’t know how to mention it to her and make her see a doctor without sounding rude.


Her hearing was getting worse so he decided to go and tell a doctor himself.


The doctor said: “You have to do a test for me. When you are at home, try to see what distance she can hear you from. Then let me know how close you have to be for her to hear you.”


The old man went home. He sat in the living room and was thinking of a way to test her hearing without her catching on.


He yelled: “What do we have for dinner?”

She didn’t reply.


He got sad and got up from his armchair, walked a little closer to the kitchen and yelled: “What do we have…

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