THE TAO. Carl G. Jung: Preface to “I Ching”


I CHING (Book of Changes), translation by Richard Wilhelm

very interesting issue. Though, it is a long blog in Spanish and I don’t want to avoid any mistake; let it by “do it yourself” 😉


Carl G. Jung: Prefacio al “I Ching” (traducción de Richard Wilhelm)

“Opposites always balance
-a sign of high culture;

while one-sidedness,

although it always gives impulse,

it is therefore a sign of barbarism “

Carl G. Jung

“… In no way do I want to underestimate the enormous differentiation of Western intellect; measured by him, the oriental intellect can be designated as infantile. (This naturally has nothing to do with intelligence!) If we managed to elevate to the same dignity granted to the intellect to another, and even to a third psychic function, the West would have every justification to hope to leave the East far behind. That is why it is so deplorable that the European abandons himself and imitates the East, when he would have so many possibilities if he remained himself and developed from his modality and essence what, starting from his own, gave birth to the East in the course of millennia. In general, and seen from the incurably external position of the intellect, it must seem as if what the East values ​​so extremely was not for us anything appetizing.

Certainly, the mere intellect can not immediately understand what practical importance oriental ideas could have for us, for which reason it only knows how to classify them as philosophical and ethnological curiosities. The incomprehension goes so far that the same learned sinologists do not understand the practical application of the I Ching and, therefore, have considered this book as a collection of abstruse magic spells … “


Spinoza (“Ethics”): First page: (first line) – Definition I: “For its own sake I understand that whose essence implies existence, or, what is the same, that whose nature can only be conceived as existing”.

Definition III: “By substance I understand that which is in itself and is conceived by itself, that is, that which its concept, to be formed, does not require the concept of something else”.

The Secret of the golden flower (I Ching), first lines:

The Golden Flower is the Light. What color does the Light have? The Golden Flower is taken as an allegory. This is the true force of the transcendent Great One. The phrase: “The lead of the water region has only one flavor,” he says. In the Book of Mutations it is said: “Heaven begets water through the One”. This is exactly the true force of the Great One. If man attains that One, he vivifies himself; if he loses it, he dies. But although man lives in force (air, prana) he does not see force (air), just as fish live in water but do not see water. Man dies when he has no air of life, just as fish perish without water. Therefore, the adepts have taught people to hold firm the primordial and to preserve the One: that is the circular course of light and the preservation of the Center. If this legitimate force is preserved, one can lengthen his life time and then apply the method to create an immortal body “fusing and mixing” (…) “.

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