La mère de toutes les libertés ?


The mother of all freedoms?
If we all would believe in these, the World could become a wonderful World ❤🙏🙏👍

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« It’s worth remembering this: freedom of expression sustains all the other freedoms we enjoy. Without free speech, democracy is a sham. Every freedom we possess or wish to possess (of habeas corpus and due process, of universal franchise and of assembly, union representation, sexual equality, of sexual preference, of the rights of children, of animals – the list goes on) has had to be freely thought and talked and written into existence. No single individual can generate these rights alone. »

« Il ne faut pas l’oublier : la liberté d’expression soutient toutes les autres libertés dont nous jouissons. Sans liberté d’expression, la démocratie est une imposture. Toute liberté que nous possédons ou souhaitons posséder (d’habeas corpus et de procédure régulière, de droit de vote universel et de réunion, de représentation syndicale, d’égalité sexuelle, de préférence sexuelle, de droits des enfants, d’animaux – la liste est longue) a dû être librement…

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2 thoughts on “La mère de toutes les libertés ?

  1. I believe that we should always remember that Natural Law is superior to “man-made law”. I discuss in Chapter 7 of my book “This Is Your Quest” the concept of Natural Law. Natural Law articulates the view that our rights come from our humanity. There are areas of human behaviour for which we do not need permission from the government; for example our freedom to develop our personality, the right to think the way we think, the right to defend ourselves, the right to be left alone, the right to privacy. Those rights are as important as the right to freedom of expression.

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