Clíodhna and the Blarney Stone


“the gift of the Gab”, so to speak.

Ironic, given the number of pubs named after it.

And as for Clíodhna herself?

I imagine she’s still there in County Cork…

Watching over her Blarney Stone…
We all must kiss the Blarney stone 😊 💖 🙏

Myth Crafts

Many, many years long past, the Tuatha Dé Danannan, the divinities of the ancients, ruled over Ireland.

Now some of them were merciful; others were wrathful, and still others, like the Banshees [Old Irish, Ban Side, “women of the mound”] were harbingers of death.

The Banshees were neither cruel nor unkind; they merely foretold the immanent death of a family member, typically through wailing, shrieking or keening, which is a traditional lament for the dead.

So what did a Banshee look like?

Well, their appearance varied by account and region. They have been described as having long streaming hair, wearing a grey cloak (over a green dress), and glaring out through red, bloodshot eyes (from their crying). Likewise, they were sometimes dressed in white, with shocking red hair and a dead, ghoulish pallor.

Occasionally, they looked like a young girl, typically a family member who died in youth.


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