St. Patrick’s Day & The Four Leaf Clover


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Shamrock, Gaelic seamarog is the little seamar  a three leaf clover, a trefoil.

Pagan version: Ancient bards professed that it was an object of reverence with the legendary race of Tuath-de-Danaan. The triple spiral symbol, or Triskelion, occurs at several ancient megalithic and Neolithic sites in Ireland. It is carved into the rock of a stone lozenge near the main entrance of the prehistoric Newgrange monument in County Meath, Ireland. Newgrange, which was built around 3200 BC, predated the Celtic arrival in Ireland but has long since been incorporated into Celtic culture.

According to Academic Folklorist Jack Santino hypothesized that “The shamrock was probably associated with the earth and assumed by the Druids to be symbolic of the regenerative powers of nature .”

The Druids revered the Shamrock for its connection to the earth and Since 1640, picking a four-leaf clover will bring you good luck. A description from…

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