“One is common for the waking people. The sleeping people live in their own world. “~ Heraclitus


There again an excellent Word by dear friend; SearchingTheMeaningOfLife

When I read it, I’ve just thought how can I sing a song about the sleeping people!

by https://searchingthemeaningoflife.wordpress.com/ 🙏💖

Serres, August 2018

Serres, August 2018

Heraclitus says:
People are forgotten about their awakening 
and they are indifferent to what is happening around them, 
as in their sleep. 
Fools, though they hear it, are like the deaf. 
The adage matches that even if they are present, they 
are missing.
No one should talk or act 
like he is asleep. 
One common thing is the world for the wake-up. 
The sleeping people live in their own world. 
Everything we see when we are awake is death 
and everything we see in our sleep is a dream.

[Extract from the book “Heraclitus: About Man” by Papadis I. Dim.)

by SearchingTheMeaningOfLife

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